There is a basket of flowers on our front door during the spring and summer.  When I took a look at it yesterday it looked just too summery.  Time for a change.  When I took the basket down, I scooped out this tiny bird’s nest that I had noticed some time in July.  It was obvious then that the mama bird had deserted it.  We don’t use the front door much in the winter so I think the increased door banging drove her away sometime in the spring.  Sad, I know.  But this little nest is so amazing…a little work of art with three hollow eggs.


One is a tell-tale robin’s egg blue, but the others are kind of pink.  There was another cracked, cream speckled egg sitting by itself in the basket.  It makes me shudder to think that we probably "knocked" it out of its nest.  But I love the nest and can’t bear to part with it.  So I am not going to  – not right now, at least.

Unrelated, I made these cute sweatshirts for a friend’s nieces.  I apologize for the bad photo, but I had to take it under artificial light or miss the opportunity entirely.


I thought they turned out cute.  As I look at them now, I think that little worm needs some kind of a face – an eye and a grin, perhaps.  Next time!


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