I asked Kristen to make this necklace for me and I absolutely adore it!  I have been trying to snap a self-portrait while wearing it for a long time now, but never got a good shot.  I put Fatty on the task and he took two photos.  Ta da!


I probably should have asked him sooner since I have had this beautiful little number for at least a month.  And super sweet Kristen won’t let me pay for it.  I will have to think of something equally brilliant to gift back because that is just the way I work.

Speaking of the way I work….I am super duper behind on some promised projects.  Poor Sasha and Marianne who won my birthday drawing, still don’t have their goods and my end of a couple swaps are a bit tardy, too.  I need to catch up and, luckily, the ladies at the sewing shop gave me a loaner Bernina so I am back in business.  Photos for the rest of the week, people.  I will "talk" to you all later.

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