Just four minutes ago, I saw Blair's post on her new scarf and the how-to that accompanied it.  Go – read. Back?  OK. Good.  Completely charming, isn't it?  I want to make one, but seeing as that I already have a giagantic crochet project going, I really shouldn't start another.  So do you understand why I immediately pulled out my stack of granny squares and started contemplating?




I have 49 completed squares and 4 that need the light green ring.  That's 53, more or less, finished.  I figure I have to have at least 63 squares (or maybe 72 or 80). I definitely have enough yarn so I think that firmly puts this project in the I-may-just-finish-it-after-all category.  Sweet.

Also, the pillow challenge is going to happen.  I think it'll be the week of November 8th – plenty of time to recover from sewing all those Halloween costumes, but with enough time so it's not too terribly close to Thanksgiving.  Sound good?  More details on that tomorrow.

Later. I've got some serious crocheting to do.

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