Liberty block

I went up to the studio yesterday morning for the first time since I returned home. The first thing I did was vacuum. Right before I left for Quilt Con, I had a choice: make lanyards or vacuum. There really wasn't a contest because sewing (almost) always wins. Looking around, clean floor and all, I couldn't figure out just where to start, what to work on. Although I felt like sewing, I wasn't sure what I wanted to sew. Directionless, I went back downstairs to wait for a FedEx package that required a signature, telling myself that I would never hear the doorbell on the third floor (a very likely scenario). Later in the afternoon after the package had arrived and the kids were home from school, I saw Meredith ask for some help with a quilt on Instagram. I immediately went up to the studio and made quick work of the block she requested. It was the perfect gateway project: she specified the fabric and the block, I just had to do the sewing. And it was fast! And gratifying! Now on a roll, I pulled out one of the quilt kit projects and began working on it. Not as quick to sew up, but still very satisfying to take fabric and thread and make something. Or in this case, sew something, cut it up and then sew it back together. I'm anxious to work on it more today.

Boxcar wip

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