Here it is!  My new bag!


I used the Birdie Sling pattern by Amy Butler.  All of the fabrics from Heather Bailey’s two new lines.  I chose the fabrics with transitional seasons in mind.  I think the
browns and oranges fit right in with fall while the pinks and yellows
make it springy.  Of course, I think green is perfect for any season.  I really really love this bag.


It’s a big bag which works really well for me.  I’m a tall girl and I think that little bags look wimpy hanging on my arm.  I also like to cart around way too much stuff – I can easily fit a book and a small knitting project in here along with my point and shoot camera, sunglasses, wallet and checkbook.  I could probably even fit more if I tried.  Because it is made of fabric, it is nice and light weight.  I am really trying to take any pressure I can off of my right shoulder and my neck hoping that my wrist will benefit from less stress.  Although I love my green Coach bag, it is really heavy when it’s empty, let alone when it’s full. 



There are two pockets inside:  one small and one large that is divided.  If I were to make this bag again, I might make the bigger pocket smaller.  As it is now, it’d be great for a baby bottle or sippy cup, but I don’t carry anything like that around any more.  I think it’d be great to have a pocket that wasn’t so deep, but still divided so my cell phone could have a home of its own.  That is the one thing I struggle with using a big bag – I can never find my phone when it’s ringing!

The pattern is very well written and the bag is fairly easy to make.  I would not try it as your first project, but maybe as a third or fourth?  There are lots of pieces to cut out including interfacings and fusible fleece.  The pattern calls for three fabrics – one for the outside, one for the handles and one for the lining and pockets.  I used four because I didn’t have enough of my lining fabric for the pockets.  I also had to go back to the fabric store to get more of the brown floral because I was dead set on centering that pattern.  I needed twice what the pattern called for.  It was totally worth it though.

Edited to add:  Caroline reminded me that while our power was out, I toted my laptop around in this bag.  It fit wonderfully, power cord and all!

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