Thanks for all the anniversary wishes!  I wish I could report that Fatty and I had a nice night out, but, alas, I am in Colorado and he was in Chicago.  He is joining the girls and me here on Wednesday and my parents have generously offered to babysit, so we can go have a nice dinner together.  Hooray!

I need a change of pace so I put the crochet hook down and picked up the knitting needles.  I wanted to knit Elisa’s Nest Tote that I saw on the Purl Bee.  It’s cute, it looked quite simple and the pattern said that it takes a few hours.  Perfect for vacation knitting.  I cast on the 41 stitches and started.


Oh, Elisa’s Nest Tote, why do you taunt me so?  This is try number two.  The first go didn’t work out so well.  I like knitting fast and I have a tendency to drop stitches.  Not good when you are knitting lace.  I can never figure out how to put the yarn back on the needle with all those decreases and yarn overs.  So, I frogged number one.  I got 20 inches into number two and then realized I only had 38 stitches on the needle….wonder what happened to the other 3?  I painstakingly took out about 8 rows over the course of 40 minutes and counted 39 stitches.  Still missing two, I frogged again.


I cast on again last night.  The plan:  knit and watch movies, enjoy some down time while the girls are at camp.  They say the third try is the charm.  I sure hope so.

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