If you follow me on Instagram, you are well aware that we got a puppy in January. His name is Sully and he is the best thing about 2020 for sure.

We lost our sweet Hazel in July and I thought that we would never have another dog. Fatty and I are looking forward to traveling more with an empty nest and having a dog makes that more complicated. But I found myself really missing having a dog. And the house was so quiet during the days with Jane away at college and Kate at school. I needed a buddy that would hang out with me in the studio and walk with me in the park. One Thursday night, I casually mentioned to Fatty that I was looking at puppies. By Friday afternoon, we had made an appointment to go visit them on Saturday. On Monday, we brought him home.

He’s an Australian Labradoodle and the sweetest little guy around. When we got him, he was four and half months old with equal parts puppy energy and calm demeanor. We’ve had him a few months now and he is a wonderful fit for our family. One of the silver linings of isolation living for me has been that Sully has our full attention. We have bonded with him in a way we wouldn’t if we were coming and going each day and traveling for spring break and the like. The girls also get to be around him daily and this makes him more of “our” dog instead of “my” dog.

Plus, he is unequivocally the biggest bringer of JOY. And we all need joy right now. We love him.


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