On Saturday, the girls and I took a road trip all in the name of buying fabric. Little did I know that I would be walking into a sale! I did a little damage…

Fabric 1

The stash expansion led to a reorganization of sorts. I sat on the floor of the studio and loosely reorganized everything.

Fabric 2

Fabric 3

Before the weekend, most of my fabric was organized by fabric line, but I found that I was forgetting what I had or that I was unable to locate certain prints. I pulled everything off of the shelf and went through it all. I divided it by colors and then reorganized it further. I kept some fabric lines together, mixed some others together and discovered some interesting fabric pairings as I reorganized. I also walked away with a much better idea of what I have (a lot of fabric!) and where some missing and forgotten pieces are.

I don't know if this system will work for me in the long term or not. But I am curious about how others organize their fabric. Do you do it by color? By Designer? By yardage? Not at all? Please tell me how you do it. And, as an incentive to get you talking, on Friday afternoon I will pick one commenter on this post to receive a custom fabric bundle from my stash to yours. The winner and I will discuss what they might want and almost everything is on the table. It could include vintage feedsack squares, out of print Heather Ross, some original Flea Market Fancy, out of print Lizzy House or something else entirely. Sound good? Yes? Ok – spill it.

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