Spring flowers 5

I managed a second finish last week. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be so productive!

This sweet baby quilt top was finished back in January and it has been sitting in the studio awaiting quilting ever since. Because it is small, I decided to spray baste it. I was not happy with the basting so it sat, waiting for me to take it apart and re-baste with pins. When I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and put it in the to-do pile, I took a second look at the basting and decided to go for it without re-basting. And it worked great!

Spring flowers 1

Spring flowers 2

The fabrics are mostly Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt with a few other pink prints thrown in. I immediately fell in love with the soft, but not washed out pastels of these fabrics, especially since they are grounded with navy. Perfection! The solids came from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I will say it again and again: I LOVE that they take the time to match solids to prints and share that information. Thank you, Kathy and team! I cut the equilateral triangles using the GO! cutter by Accuquilt. Fast and easy, just the way I like it. The sewing took a little time – all those short seams! – but I managed it in a few spurts. Sometimes I think that I should have added more triangles – maybe next time.

Spring flowers 4

Spring flowers 3

I quilted it using straight lines, keeping the edge of my walking foot lined up with the seams. This made for some very simple, very fast quilting – it took me about an hour to quilt the whole thing! Truly! Hand stitching the binding took longer than that. The finished quilt measures 32" x 42" unwashed. Like the Creamsicle Quilt, this one will go to our church/school carnival and be raffled off.

Speaking of which, I wish I knew how to get raffle tickets into the hands of those of you that have expressed interest, but I just don't think it is possible. I will do some checking, though, and if there is a way, I will let you know.

Back in a day or so with another finish AND a reading list at some point this week, too. See you then!

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