June 28

Hazel came home last week, right after we returned home from London.  She's a 3 or 4 year old chocolate lab (no one knows for sure) that we adopted from the Kentucky Lab Rescue.  We've been talking about getting a dog for about a year and, admittedly, I was the one holding us off.  I wanted to wait until the weather was nicer and the kitchen construction was finished.  We've had labs before and I was pretty set on finding a dog that needed a home.  I'd been visiting the rescue website about once a month and when I saw the photo of Hazel, I filled in the application.  It's not that there weren't other dogs that would have fit well with our family.  It was because she was about the right age (not a puppy, but still young) and she had the right name.  I know, it sounds crazy.  It's just that Fatty loves the name Hazel.  He would have named a child Hazel if I didn't feel so strongly that Hazel Harris just doesn't work (Go ahead, say it aloud).  When I saw her and her name, I knew it was a sign.  It was meant to be.

She's sweet and gentle and has adjusted pretty well to our life.  We had a rough first night, but since then, it's been great.  Well, the 4th was trying with the fireworks, but that's to be expected.  She's good with the kids, follows me around wherever I go, loves to go on walks and is a happy house dog.  Scout was not happy at the beginning.  There was lots of hissing and big tails, but I think they are coming to an understanding.

July 8

I call this feigned indifference.  They were purposely ignoring one another, but it gives me great hope that the two of them will be buddies after some time.

I also have a ridiculous notion that I need to sew one or two things for this dog.  Stay tuned.

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