No school for the girls today.  We got about three inches of snow with freezing rain on top of that.  It doesn’t take much to make them close the schools here.  The bummer of the whole deal is that the snow isn’t even good enough to play in.  I guess we just have to admire it from inside.


We live in an old neighborhood with lots of mature trees.  It really is beautiful to see them all covered with white.  It won’t last long, though.  It has already begun to melt some.


When I took these photos, it reminded me of my newest piece of art.


This is "I like the trees outside my window" by Jennifer Judd-McGee.  This is the original.  Yes, lucky lucky me.  When I saw it on flickr, I had to have it.  We live in a yellow house and have the crazy Japanese maple right outside.  So it was perfect for me.  The drawing is so beautiful, much more so in real life than in photos if that is at all possible.  Right now it is sitting on a chest of drawers in the kitchen and I get to look at it many times each day.  I love it, Jen.  Thanks for helping me get in touch with those fine ladies at Edith and Edna so I could call it my own.

OK – back to making snacks for the girls and more x’s.  Ta ta for now.

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