Funny….I see some themes.  Fruits and veggies and lots of pretty fabric.  Not that surprising, huh?  If you click on the mosaic, it should take you to flickr where you can see the credit for all these lovely photos.

I’ve been working on the blog a bit – see the new banner and flickr badge?  I need to update my links in a BIG way.  I am wondering if any of you use blogrolling or have used it.  Any insight there?  I want my links to be organized (alphabetical order, specifically) and I can’t figure out how to do that in Typepad without reworking the whole link list.  Last time I did it, it took something like two hours.  See why I have been remiss in updating?  Any advice you want to pass on would be welcome!

In the meantime, here are some blogs that I have been enjoying recently:

Mia Stella – Marcia, my real life, in the flesh, craft swap friend is an extremely talented photographer and all around crafty gal.

good-ness – Leslie lives in Japan and has a wonderful aesthetic.  I especially love her photos and am extremely jealous of her proximity to not one, but a few good fabric stores.

Blue Yonder – Stefani is a loving, caring mama to three boys.  She has a quick wit and paints beautiful pictures with her words.  I wish I knew her in real life.

Plush-a-holic – Dawn is sooooo talented and makes the most beautiful stuffed creatures.  See those conjoined rabbits in the top row, third photo.  Yep, those are hers and I think they are just brilliant.

wiksten-made – Jenny designs clothes.  Really cute, fashionable clothes.  I wish I had that talent.  I also wish I lived closer to her so I could take pattern grading lessons.  Really.  I would pay money to have someone teach me how to do that.

OK – that’s it for now.  Hopefully, I will get my links figured out soon.  Happy Thursday!

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