When I was making my Road Trip Case, Jane asked if I could make a pouch out of the clear vinyl. "Hmmm…let me think about that" was the response. And here we are, three days later, with another snow day in the books (that's 7 for the school year if you are counting) and I figured it out.


I used Anna's Open Wide Zippered Pouch as my starting point. I chose the medium sized pouch based on the 12" zipper I had on hand (bought from Zipit on Etsy). The floral is a Liberty Lifestyle print from a year or so ago and the gingham has been in my stash for years. Wrapping my brain around how I could get the inside bottom lined while leaving the vinyl alone on the top took some creative thinking. I thought it all through multiple different ways and finally just cut some fabric and started sewing. I had to mess with the construction some to get it to work with the vinyl (bought at JoAnn's), but I am pretty happy with how it came together. I do wish that I didn't have to turn things inside out so many times – the vinyl looks a little worse for the wear. That said, in making this pouch, I think I have figured out how I could do it better next time. Maybe if there is another snow day? Also, sewing vinyl? Still surprisingly satisfying.

Because Jane inspired it, this pouch now belongs to her. I have no doubt that she will fill it with all kinds of lip gloss or nail polish or other teenage things. Teenage. Still so hard to believe. We got her high school acceptance letter today. I may have gotten a little teary.

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