Here is my hat.  And here is the pattern.


I saw a hat in the Garnet Hill catalog last winter that was similar to this.  It was made of cashmere and had a price tag to prove it.  I thought I would try to make my own version of it and then lost the photo.  Imagine my surprise when I saw it in the catalog again this year.  Right away, I decided to give it a go, but I used my new most favorite yarn, Malabrigo worsted, instead of the cashmere.  I had this pretty pink on hand and for lack of a better name, I am calling this the Rose Hill Hat.


It’s an easy hat.  Some garter stitch, some bobbles and then full speed ahead with the stockinette stitch.  I haven’t written out a pattern to share before, so if you do make it and  – gasp! – find any mistakes, let me know and I will correct them.  I put the pattern in a pdf that you can download here or over in the left side bar.  I am extremely grateful to Tracy, who didn’t think twice when I asked her to take my camera and photograph it for me.  She also graciously let me use one of her shots for the pattern – thank you so much, friend.

Go on, get knitting.

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