Look. I made something.

Rory quilt 2

This is a Christmas gift, but since the recipient is only a couple months old, I figure I won't ruin the surprise. If his parents are reading, I'm sorry to blow it. But only a little. It felt really good to make something. I need more of that.

The quilt is on the smaller side – 33" x 44". It's the snake trails pattern from Denyse Schmidt's book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspirations. I really like making this one, curves and all. So much easier, for whatever reason, than the single girls I made for Kate. I cut the trail pieces from a jelly roll of Chicopee – each strip gave me 14 pieces, although you could maybe eek out 15 if you are super careful when cutting. Regardless, the small size is due to the fact that I only had 12 blocks to play with. Still, I like it. The background in Kona Snow, my favorite white. I bought 20 yards of it in one fell swoop last year and am down to my last 3 yards. Time to re-order.

I quilted it with straight lines, 2" apart on the diagonal. I couldn't think of another way to do it that I liked and that I had time for. If I had hours to spend, I would have tried to echo the curves in some way, but I didn't. I think this works nicely, though. I totally copied what Denyse did in the book so it has to be ok, right?

The binding is Moda Bella Solids in Marine. I bought it from Pink Chalk Fabrics – I totally adore them for taking the time to pick out the solids that go with different quilting collections. It makes internet fabric shopping a breeze. I used the leftover bits from the jelly roll to make a patchwork strip across the back, flanked by Kona Snow again. All of the fabric in this quilt was on hand – I just had to pick up batting. Score!

I have one more gift to make if I can find the time. Tiny cats, anyone? I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it, actually. I have adopted "all is calm, all is bright" as my mantra this holiday season. It's working.

Rory quilt

Rory quilt 3

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