Cowl 2

Cowl 1

I sewed up this revesible cowl for a friend's birthday last week.  I used my own pattern from the current issue of Stitch, but switched out the fabrics.  Instead of velvet, I went with the very last bit of a lovely wool/cashmere blend from my stash.  I skipped the interlining because the wool ups the warmth and lined it with some Anna Maria Horner voile (Liberty of London Tana lawn would be nice, too).  It's completely reversible – both the wool and the voile are super soft against the skin.  This one is a bit narrower than the dimensions in the magazine – I only had a fat quarter of the voile which was 27" wide and it worked just fine.  I wouldn't go any small than this or it won't go over your head.  Bonus:  from start to finish, which includes some hand stitching, this took an hour.  It probably would have taken even less if I hadn't waffled on which print to line it with.  So it's great for gift making and giving.

I've received numerous emails about camera straps.  I'm aiming for a shop update somewhere around Decemer 1st.  That date is not set in stone – I'll be back on Monday with an exact date and time.  It's all dependent on just how much I get accomplished this weekend.  First things first: pie crust today, pies tomorrow.  My parents are here for Thanksgiving so I'm going to sign off to enjoy their company.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that are celebrating.  I, myself, am extremely grateful for this blog and all of you that read it.  The time you take to read, comment, cheer me on and sometimes commiserate is a great gift in my life. Thank you.

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