It’s Friday morning. I’ve done the weekly grocery run and it felt better than it did the last couple of weeks. I did have an older gentleman roll his eyes at me and tell me that I was moving too fast. I apologized. I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could manage while still maintaining social distance and keeping to my list. So, yes, I was moving fast.

This spring has been gorgeous. The bulbs and flowering trees are spectacular. Everywhere I look, it is green and I am so thankful for that visual reminder of hope and growth and for the sunshine that is warming me physically and spiritually.

I’ve cried twice this morning. Unrelated to the grocery store, but maybe not. These feelings come over me in waves and if the girls aren’t around, I let the tears roll.

Things that I am looking forward to this weekend include watching Making the Cut with Jane and Kate, more mask sewing and also taking a break from mask sewing, another loaf of sourdough bread about to go in the oven, a festive and nice Easter dinner, time to read in the sunshine, hanging out with Fatty, finishing Jane’s sweater, family movie night – I think we are going to watch Emma.

Have a lovely weekend, friends. May the good outweigh the bad.

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