May 15

The peonies in my yard are blooming. Yippee!

Kids Clothing Week Challenge, days 6 and 7 = FAIL. I kind of thought that might happen. Our weekend was planned out to the max – dinners out Friday and Saturday, 4 soccer games and a piano recital. Not a stitch was sewn, nor any fabric cut. So be it. I'm pretty happy that I managed 2 nightgowns and something else for each of the girls. And for those of you that asked, I will try my best to do a skirt tutorial in the next week or so. It's really easy to make. I just need a little time to make another and write it all up.

With the help of my college-aged neighbor and babysitter, I've been whipping the sewing room and the adjoining playroom into shape. We are *so* close to getting it trashed out. It's amazing how much junk I have in there. I have officially run out of shelf space (again) so I am going to have to get some projects finished or let some fabric go….

Did you see Blair's stump tables? My neighbor took down two huge trees yesterday and today and I'm kicking myself for missing the opportunity to snag one or two of my own.

Geekcraft winner will be announced in a separate post – probably tomorrow.

Hope Tuesday is treating you well.

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