We spent Friday and Saturday trying to stay dry.  The amount of rain was crazy – at one point I heard that we got five inches in four hours.  And it kept raining and then raining some more.

Everyone in this house was a bit restless.  The girls were bickering and getting on each other’s nerves.  I was in an especially foul mood starting Friday night when I realized my weekend plans were not going to pan out as I had hoped.  To top it off, I was having small issues with the Olives, no doubt exacerbated by my state of mind.

I took a shower and cleared my head.  When I came downstairs, the girls were collaborating on this:



Jane made the horse and Kate promptly made some grass for grazing.


Amazing how some popsicle sticks made me smile!  The day got better with the end of the rain, the arrival of the babysitter, and a date with my man.


Isn’t it great that the movie tickets were the color of sunshine?

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