…is for quilts.  I am becoming better acquainted with my walking foot.  This is a good thing.


…is for quiet.  I need quiet to concentrate.  No talking to Mommy when she’s counting her knitting stitches.

…is for radio.  We are lucky to have a few good public radio stations in our town.  I turn the kitchen radio on every evening while I am cooking dinner.  I also listen to it up in the studio – much more often than I listen to my ipod.

…is for sewing.  Oh yeah.
…is for shoes.  Look at my new ones!  I heart Dansko! I know I already said that.


…is for sleep.  I need a lot.  I am happiest when I get 9 hours, but that doesn’t happen very often anymore.
…is for school.  It starts on Wednesday.  I think we are all ready.  Kate is entering the big time – Kindergarten.  I don’t plan on crying, but you never know with these things.  They have a tendency to catch me off guard.

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