September 20

Yesterday I finished the quilting Swoon and then I appliqued this little monster shirt for my nephew's first birthday. I hadn't done an appliqued t-shirt in a very long time and I forgot how much I like them.  Jane drew the inspiration for this monster and with a little editing, I did the sewing. There's nothing like taking a plain, unadorned tee and a little imagination to make a unique piece of clothing.

I remembered to take a photo of the t-shirt right before I wrapped it up and mailed it off for today's birthday boy. (Yes, still procrastinating over here – some things never change). It dawned on me last night as I uploaded the photos from the camera to the computer that the way I blog has changed dramtically over the last five years. (Hard to believe it's been that long.) I used to blog about every small thing I made and in the first year or two, I posted something here about three or four days a week. Now I find myself chronicling more of my bigger projects and with less frequency. There are many little items I've made that haven't made it to the blog. Is it because I have less time to post here or because I feel like once you've seen one, or three, or ten appliqued t-shirts, you've kind of seen them all? I'm unsure really. I don't know what that says about me or how my life is/was. It's just an observation, something to think about.

All that said, I like the little monster shirt. It was fun to make and a good break from all that straight line quilting. The quilt binding is next. With any luck, it'll be finished and on Jane's bed before the weekend is over.

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