Dorie's pincushion

Yesterday morning, I put the finishing touches on this pincushion that has been sitting around my studio for the better part of a year, maybe even longer.  I don't know why I never finished it before.  I guess I was just waiting for the right moment and wouldn't you know, it had arrived.  I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Dorie and her delightful daughter for coffee.  They were in my neck of the woods and I practically jumped at the opportunity to meet in person.  Kate and I chose a nice sunny table in the window of the coffee shop and spent an hour or so with our new friends.  We had such a nice visit – lots of chatting, some drawing and a couple great rounds of hangman complete with misspelled words.  I wanted to bring a little gift and my choices were pincushion or fingerless mitts.  It being March, I thought the mitts weren't the best choice.  And although I've made Dorie a pincushion before, I thought that, like me, she probably likes having more than one hanging around.

My pincushion
You see what I mean?  Dorie made a pincushion for me, too!  Great minds think alike, you know.

(The pattern for the pincushion that I made can be found in Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. Dorie's pincushion is her own design.)

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