November 10

Dresden 2


It's been a busy few days around here, but I've still been working on my pillows.  I cut and chain pieced the blades for these dresden plates on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I sewed them together and appliqued them to the pillow fronts.  This afternoon I put the zippers in and sewed the pillows.  The blue and white ticking is the same fabric as the chairs in the family room and the dresden plates are made entirely from scraps.  I tried to keep to blue/red/green/gold color palette, but it's loosely interpreted.  At 24" square, these pillows are going to be used as floor pillows.  The girls can scoot around on them, sit on them while they read and draw, and the rest of my new pillows will stay on the couch.  That is the goal anyways.

It's Kate's 9th birthday today and we have some celebrating to do.  Back on Sunday with a pillow week wrap up.  See you then.

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