Pillows 2

The video tutorials put me a day behind on my show and tell.  No big shakes, but I am going to keep posting what I did the day before so I can keep track.

I made two of these pillows for the family room couch.  They are 22" square and were supposed to have some of that red and white tassel trim shown in the photo a couple of posts down so I didn't add any piping.  I hated, really really hated, the way the tassel trim looked so I left it off.  I'm wishing I had put piping in, but I didn't have enough fabric anyhow so there was no turning back.  I do think they look good, especially with yesterday's pillows so yay!  I'm well on my way to a very spruced up family room.  And maybe a new Christmas tree skirt so I can use that trim after all.

Back tomorrow with Kate's pillows – I knocked out all four of those today!  Woot!

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