Nov 13 2

I made these little notepads for Kate's birthday party favors.  The second graders started learning cursive last week so I thought it would be fun to have a little practice pad.  And stickers.  And a gel pen.  I mean, who doesn't like a gel pen?

Making these got me thinking about who else on my list could use some notepads.  The teachers for sure.  And I already whipped some up for the nephews who can write/scribble and some for Jane's friend that has a birthday today.  They were fun and fast to make.  I am thinking about putting some in the shop next week if there is any interest.  They would be made to order because of the personalization and there would be choices for fonts, color ink and lines/no lines.  Two or three sizes, too.  They'd be available for a limited time so that I could ensure delivery before the holiday.  What do you think?

And speaking of the shop, there will be some camera straps before the holidays.  I haven't set a date yet, but it is looking like the first week of December due to Thanksgiving.  I'll set the date and time next week and post it here.

All right then.  I'm off to cook dinner.  Later.

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