The auction went well. Really well. I'm in recovery mode. After spending a few hours setting up on Saturday morning, I logged a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. And today, I repeated that. I guess I really had no idea how tired I was! I plan on writing a post about all the projects, etc., later this week – I just can't wrap my head around everything right now. Soon. Pinky swear.

In the meantime, I'm giddy thinking about all the sewing I want to do. Close to first on my list is to finish Kate's single girl quilts. The tops have been finished for a long time, maybe even close to a year. I think the reason I haven't finished them yet is that I've been having an internal debate about what to back them with and exactly how I want to quilt them. The quilting part is pretty much decided and I've narrowed the back down to two options.

Option 1:  Use the solid khaki, the same as the background fabric. The binding will also be this solid.  I like this option because I think it would make the patchwork part of the quilts sing. It seems a bit simpler than the print and maybe a bit cleaner?

Option 2: Use the pattern. It's a coordinting print from the same line as the patchwork rings, but it isn't included on the front. This seems a bit funner and younger, a little sassier, but also a smidge fussy.

Options 2

Either option could have a patchwork strip of the other prints, too.

Solid or Pattern? Which would you go with? Why?

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