Swoon oops

See the upper right hand corner? That's what happens when I am so tired from the first day of teaching photography to 8th graders that I can't think straight. (It went fine. I have a lot to learn.) Add into the mix a new sewing machine (!!!) that I am still adjusting to and super sore shoulders from working out and knitting (just the applied icord left!). The real kicker is that the very obvious mistake wasn't noticed right after it was made. No, I had to go and sew it to the rest of the block first. Classic.

Today, the seam ripper and I will become fast friends. With any luck, I'll right this block and get another one finished. It'd be very nice to have a quilt top finished by the weekend. Though, at the rate I'm going, I'm surely not counting on it. A nap is much more likely.

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