Today's plan was to turn this quilt top into a quilt.  It's been sitting around for almost two months waiting for me to finish it up.  Procrastinate much, Erin?  Well, yeah, I do.  But I have been getting better.  Or so I thought.

This morning I pieced the back and taped it to the floor.  I unfolded the batting and smoothed it out over the backing.  I put the top down and gasped.

The batting is 1" too short.

One flipping inch.

And I could probably piece the batting, but I haven't done that before.  Because this is a gift, I am not willing to experiment this time around.  If the quilt were staying here, I might just cut some off the quilt top and call it a day.  But I can't do that – it'll ruin the design and again, it's a gift.

So to the quilt shop we go because our most fantastic babysitter goes to college in a little over a week and her quilt needs to be finished.  Good thing I didn't wait until the absolute last minute because then I'd really be screwed.  Or pulling an all-nighter.  And for goodness sakes, I am too old for that.

I've got lots of other little projects in progress.  Back with some show and tell soon.

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