The Princess Leia costume is finished. I tried to take some photos of it, but a white robe on a hanger is well, um, boring. I'll make sure to get one of Jane wearing it. Adding a hood to an angel's gown took a little creative thinking on my part, but I got it done (on the first try!) and the finishing looks good. It fits her well and she is happy – I can't really ask for more than that!

October 25

All the costume making following the garment sewing in NYC following a finished quilt got me thinking. Making begets making. It is so much easier for me to create when I am already in that mode. And, hey, even if some of the things I am making (Halloween costumes, ahem), aren't my most creative work, or heck, even very exciting, they do keep me on that making path. I lost sight of this at some point. While having this blog has been a great place to share what I like to do, I often get bogged down by the idea that everything I make needs to be super creative, or outside the box, or even just really, really cute. I'm letting go of this idea. I want to sew, knit, cook, make because it is what I like to do. I want to enjoy making for making's sake.

Green tova

That said, I made this Tova top yesterday. It's too small. I'm still going to finish it and then make another, one size bigger. This one will go to a friend.

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