I bought a used Pentax K100 this summer and this past weekend, I loaded the first roll of film in it.  Well, really, Emily loaded it for me.  (I'm totally out of practice – it's been a long time since I've shot film.)  What better excuse than a new-to-me camera is there for cutting in the also new-to-me Greenfield Hill fabric by Denyse Schmidt?  I can't think of one so I did just that and sewed one patchwork camera strap for me and another non-patchwork one for a friend.  I bought all the prints in all the colorways of this line because I totally dig the old-fashioned and modern aesthetic that is happening together here. Plus, black, white and green? I had to have it.  And now that I see the colors in person, I'm going to have to move beyond the quilting cotton and on to the voiles.  I really can't resist.

I've heard talk that many people aren't as enamored with these fabrics as I am.  What do you think? Love it or hate it? Why?

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