The girls started school yesterday and they were ready.  Kate seemed a bit nervous the night before…kindergarten at a new school will do that for you.  I bought them each an alarm clock with a cd player.  Jane was up at 6:30 complaining that her alarm didn’t wake her up.  Well, hon, that’s because it is set for 6:45.  Oh.  Kate was awake in bed waiting for hers to beep.  So cute.  Kate asked me to put her hair in pig tails which I just love on her, but she doesn’t ever want (be still my heart!).  They barely ate any breakfast and were ready to leave about 20 minutes before we needed to.  That left us plenty of time for the photo shoot.


We hopped in the car and before we pulled out of the driveway, I told them my expectations:  do your best, be nice to your classmates, use your manners, listen to your teacher and say good-bye to me every day before you get out of the car.  They almost forgot the last one.

The principal greeted us at school and asked Jane if she was going to help Kate.  Sure thing, said Jane.  They jumped out of the car with big smiles on their faces.  And me, I was smiling, too.  I was almost as excited as they were.   As I drove away, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jane holding Kate’s hand.  That’s when I got teary.  It was the kind of moment I wish I had on film.  It was so sweet.

The tears didn’t last long.  I got home, put on my running shoes and got some exercise.  Then came home and drank coffee, read blogs, flicked around on flickr and sewed.  And today, I am doing it again.  And tomorrow, more of the same.  Back to school never felt so good.

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