As soon as the calendar said late July, I got the urge to knit.

It happens every year, just like clockwork. I spied the Sullivan cardigan over on Pinterest and then ordered two different yarns to see which I'd prefer. While I love the Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed (on the right) – it's tweedy and a beautiful color, has lots of spring – in the end, I decided to go with the Lark by Quince & Co. The color is called dogwood and it is slightest pink which will round out all the black, gray and green sweaters in my closet.

August 1
Other things that have caught my attention lately:

I read this article on how to talk to young girls and it really made me think. Why is it that we often start conversations with other females with something about their appearance? I know I am guilty of that from time to time myself. This approach is a much smarter one.

I'm enjoy peeking behind the scenes at Blue Sparrow Press and am anxious for the shop's opening. Heather made me some letterpress cards for my birthday and they are beyond beautiful.

I am very excited about Lotta Jansdotter's new fabric line for Windham Fabrics.

Habit is back this month with a great group of guests. I really missed my daily visit in July so I was super happy to see them post yesterday.

That's all for now. I'm still sewing away on the Swoon blocks. 5 down, 4 to go!


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