Friday night, we had a few guests for dinner.  Well, actually it was a full house.  Five from Wisconsin and another 10 from here.  Add our four and it was officially a fiesta!


Tracy is wonderful.  Friendly and funny, adorable and charming – just as I knew from all our emails and then some more on top.  I loved meeting her and putting a voice with her words.  We talked and laughed and then laughed some more.  My only wish is that our visit could have been longer.


Both of us sat at the table with our cameras.  I’m used to being the only shutterbug in the group so it was fun to see someone else snapping just as much as me.


Of course, me with my procrastinating ways, still had a lot to do in the kitchen once the guests arrived.  It was nice to have some extra hands to help out.  You know you have a good friend when you aren’t afraid to put them to work.


Until next time, friend.  Maybe in your neck of the woods?  Or somewhere in between.  Enjoy your roadtrip, Tracy.  Give Emily a hug for me.

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