…but a lot of swapping!  Let me tell you, I love good mail!

The box from my mellow + yellow swap partner, Amy, has been here unopened for over a week.  I finally got my swap package off to her on Tuesday.  Once that was done, I ripped open the box and found this:


Isn’t it great?  My very own ice cream bowl and spoon!  I know two little girls that would love to get their mitts on this, but, no way.  This one is for me.  The color is a wonderful turquoise topped off by a lime green daisy.  My two favorite colors together again.  Thanks Amy!  It’s wonderful.  And thank you, Marta, for organizing this swap.

I am sure tomorrow’s mail will be of the ho hum, ordinary variety.  Too bad – I like the extraordinary kind much better.

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