I just had to have it.  And I couldn’t decide which ones, so I bought them all.


Yes, I am talking about Katie Jump Rope, the new line by Denyse Schmidt.  Now, before you think I went all crazy (you are thinking that, aren’t you?), I bought fat quarters of every print.  See?  Not as bad as you thought.  You were thinking I bought yardage, weren’t you?  They came to me via Cia’s Palette and they came super fast too.  I ordered on Saturday and they were on my doorstep Monday at noon.  No special mailing either – the good ol’ USPS Priority Mail.

I’ve had my eye on these prints since last fall when I saw a peek of them on someone’s blog (not sure whose, sorry.)  Sally has made some nice things using them and she gave me a little insight as to the exact hues since it is so hard to tell on the computer.  I hemmed and hawed about which ones to buy.  You know I like green so those were a given and blue is always good.  Orange is a new favorite and who doesn’t like brown and… well, you get the picture.  I just couldn’t choose.

They are beautiful in person – I am especially in love with the greens and blues.   I wish there were a few more red prints, but I am going to make do.  I have a number of projects in mind, but I don’t think I can make everything with just a fat quarter.  No way.  I am going to have to buy yardage.  Of some of them, at least.  Yes, you knew it, didn’t you?

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