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Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a cowl? Especially when you are too lazy to get the tripod and remote out?  22 blurry photos yesterday and 5 blurrier ones today got me this, which isn't even good.  Take my word for it, if you attempt this, have someone else take the photo or suck it up and get the tripod.  But I digress.

This cowl.  I love it.  Theresa gifted one to me as part of a swap two years ago and for the last two winters, I have worn it a ton.  Normally, I wouldn't think to make myself a second one, but I have realized that having a dog is going to require me to have two of almost all warm weather accessories.  Let me explain.  We enter and exit our house from the garage, which is down the stairs from the kitchen and is adjacent to our mudroom.  All coats get hung on hooks or in a small closet down there, shoes are left by the door and the mitts, hats, scarves, etc. have their place, too.  Super convenient. When the dog and I go for our twice daily walks, we go out the front door.  Not a big deal in the summer when I can throw a pair of flip flops on and off we go.  But as the mornings have gotten colder, I find myself leaving a pair of shoes by the front door for dog walking.  And it follows, of course, that I'll need to have other things like a second cowl at the ready, too.  Right?

Believe me, I know this reasoning is a stretch.  But work with me here.

I knit this up in a few hours between music lessons, waiting rooms and carpool lines.  I used Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky that I got at Purl last month. The yarn is to die for. So super soft and very light weight.  It took less than one skein.  I followed the pattern exactly with the exception that I knit it on a 16" size 13 needle as 24" just seemed too long.  I didn't like how the increases (m1) left small holes so the next one will get a different increase (probably k9, kfb next stitch).  I haven't blocked it so those holes may relax – we'll see.  Regardless, it was a very satisfying and easy project.  You might want to knit one.

Or two.

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