Today is the last day of school.  Well, really, tomorrow is the official last day, but the girls won’t be there.  We will be on a plane, headed to the beach on tickets bought before we had all those snow days this past winter.  Last night, while I should have been packing, I made something to take along with us.


My parents gave me a new camera for my birthday  (thanks Mom and Dad!).  I really wanted a small point and shoot for those times when it is not practical to carry my trusty rebel.  I picked out this little Canon that easily fits in my pocket.  Of course, the camera did not come with a case and I didn’t think to buy one.  So I grabbed some fabric, batting and bias tape and made one.


Well, make that two.  The flip needed one, too.

I did some free motion quilting on the pink one and used the walking foot on the yellow one.  The coordinating print at the top of each bag is the lining, which I made longer, brought over the top and sewed down to make a casing.  It was hard to maneuver such a small item on the machine, but I plowed ahead puckers and all.  If I do this again, which I doubt, I will try a different method.


So there you go.  Classic Erin procrastination.  I really should have been packing.

We’ll be gone for a week – I doubt I will post while we are away, but you never know.  See you soon, friends.  Take care.

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