…is for Mexican food.  Enough said.
…is for margaritas.  With the above food or by themselves.  I did say I like limes.  Recipe here.


…is for notebook.  I was thinking about these great things to make and then couldn’t remember what they were so I recently started carrying a notebook around so I can jot down my ideas before they escape.
…is for New York.  Fatty and I had a great getaway.  We walked so much that I have shin splints.

…is for onions.  I love them.  Really.
…is for orange.  This color is really growing on me.

…is for pedicure.  This is the one beauty treatment that I will always get.  I am so hard on my feet.  See above.
…is for popcorn.  Most likely my favorite food.
…is for patchwork.  What is there not to love about patchwork?  I am crazy for it.  Patchwork pillows are next on the agenda.  Sketches are drawn and fabrics are picked.  Just waiting for the time.  And speaking of patchwork….look where I am in this photo.


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