Serena and her friend Leslie (who is visiting from Pittsburgh) came over yesterday afternoon.  Due to a sick kid the day before and a little tension problem with my sewing machine yesterday, our little craft party was an abbreviated one.  It was more like a whirlwind applique class with a tissue holder bonus.  Serena brought over her machine (mine had a four hour stay at the shop) and we got to work.

People ask me how I applique on t-shirts.  I just cut out and sew on.  Not entirely, but mostly.  I showed them how to use a double sided fusible web, like Wonder Under or Heat and Bond Light.  First you fuse it to the wrong side of your applique fabric.  Then you draw your design on the paper backing and cut it out.   Next you fuse it to the t-shirt.  Finally, you stitch it in place.  I generally use a small zig zag, but you can use a straight stitch or a decorative one if you’ve got it.  It is really that simple.  The key is to keep your needle in the down position when you shift the fabric.


This skull and crossbones number is for Leslie’s little guy Carson.  I think it turned out great – it’ll be even better when she embroiders some x’s for a mouth.

We also made up a tissue holder using this tutorial from tutti fruiti (thank you to the other Leslie from PA).  No lie, it takes five minutes.  Edited to add:  I cut the top two rectangles, 6.5 by 4.5 inches, just like Leslie did because I like the overlap, too.


I would have loved to do more, but we ran out of time.  I was extremely nervous the entire time they were here (could you ladies tell?).  I am in my element when I am sewing.  It’s the teaching part that gets me all jumpy.  Next time, you guys have to teach me something.  There will be a next time, right?

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