September 9

I've been knitting a little bit. A couple of rounds here and there on this project. I've got another one
in the car that comes with me to piano lessons and volleyball games.
It's slow going, but steady, just the kind of work I need at the moment.
Something to keep my hands busy and quiet my mind.
I've been sewing some, too. Little things that are not at all newsworthy. I want to sew big things, like dresses and quilts and then more quilts,
but my days are pretty full at the moment. I'm hoping for a few hours
in a row at some point this weekend to get one quilt top basted. Then
maybe next weekend I could quilt it.


Bookwise, I've just finished The Tiger's Wife and started the new Tana French book. Heather Ross Prints has been devoured by myself and Jane. I've already designed something and had Spoonflower print it on fabric. Tea towel calendar, anyone? But more on that later…

Enjoy the weekend.

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