I taped the pdf download of the Wiksten Tank together last night (day 3) and cut it out (size XS) and sewed up the dress version for day 4.

So cute, right?

It's too big for Jane.

I'm bummed.

I thought it looked kind of big when I cut it out, but I forged ahead because the girls were at school and I didn't have a body to try it on. The main issue is that the neckline is too low. It's also a smidge big overall, but if the neckline were ok, we could belt it and call it good. No go. Note to self: trust your gut.

BUT not all is lost – Kate had not yet tried it on. And although she is the younger sister, she is the taller and bigger sister so it may fit her. Worse case scenario, it'll be a nightgown for Jane – a plan she wholeheartedly embraces.

Also, it's a stellar pattern and came together quickly. It just not suitable for the big-little-girl-not-quite-woman body we have going on here. That said, I think I'll make the top for myself.

Which brings us to the rest of my list…based on sizing, I'm afraid the Tova is out.  (Insert sad face here). And while the Little Lisette dress is adorable, I'm worried about sizing on that too.

What's a girl (er, mom sewing for her girls) to do?

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