…is for Jane.  Sweet, sweet Jane.  Mmmm…I love her so.

…is for jokes.  I like the dorky, stupid chicken crossing the road ones.  If the punchline is based on a pun, I appreciate it even more.

…is for jam.  I grew up with homemade jam.  My mom made it every year and my grandma did too.  I do not like store bought jam.  Since Jane was born, I have made my own every summer.  Well, I take that back – I didn’t make it this summer.  I know I will be cursing myself in mid-winter when we run out of our current back stock.  Really, I could kick myself for missing the strawberries.

…is for jump rope.  When I was in elementary school, I jumped rope at recess.  If I wasn’t jumping rope, I was playing four square.  Seeing a jump rope make me smile and think about being a carefree kid.  I hope my girls will have those kind of memories, too.

…is for Japanese craft books and fabrics.  I can’t get enough.


…is for justification.  I had to think of some good excuses for buying four unnecessary, but very good, craft books.

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