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Jane turned 12 on Friday. That's a lot of birthday candles. And kind of hard to believe, you know? She is such a sweet girl – kind, considerate, sensitive, funny, smart, creative. It's an amazing priviledge to watch her grow up. I'm grateful and blessed. She's such a bright spot in so many people's lives. We took her and a gaggle of her friends to see Hugo. Go see it, if you haven't already. All the girls loved it and Fatty and I agreed. Fantastic.

The halls are decked and the tree is trimmed. The tree almost fell over and if I were the superstitious kind, I'd say I had that coming. But, I'm not superstitious so I'm choosing to shrug my shoulders and thank Fatty's foresight for wrapping a wire around the trunk and anchoring it to an eye hook in the nearest window frame. And then thank him again for adding an additional wire and eye hook to the other window (the tree is in a corner) after the severe tilting, almost falling incident. I've planted the paperwhites and hung the garland. I've repaired one smoker that lost its nose and a nutcracker that lost its arm. How this happens while these things are in storage baffles me. I've started addressing the Christmas cards – I got to the letter H and stopped. And I ended up with an extra wreath this year, so I hung it over the kitchen sink. It is so nice to look at it while washing dishes and cooking. That may be the most brilliant idea that I've had recently.

I have not yet finished any sort of handmade gift. I will definitely finish the quilt that has been started and beyond that, anything else I manage will be a bonus. I really wanted to design a calendar tea towel for 2012, but didn't manage that. I guess there is still time so maybe that will happen.

I have a few gifts left to purchase, but nothing crazy or hard to find. I've decided to give the teachers a donation in their name to the local soup kitchen along with a small token of appreciation. We're also looking through the house and finding gently used things that someone else may need at this time of year. So far, I've donated a television and have plans to donate the kids' outgrown bikes.

I haven't baked a single cookie and am not sure if I am going to or not. Gingerbread is definitely on the list to make as well as a surprise culinary gift for my siblings and parents. I plan on picking up gingerbread house kits for the girls to decorate one evening with a babysitter while Fatty and I are out.

The advent calendar is not set up yet, but I've been giving the girls little treats each day. Tomorrow I will fill it. Yes, I will.

And so, that's where I am right now. How's December treating you?

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