If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you saw a photo of my honest craft room earlier this week? A hot mess, for sure. I've been busy cutting and sewing and have not put a single thing away since the beginning of December. As I started to clean up, I noticed that the pile of quilts in progress contains more than I realized. I even woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I forgot about the Proverbial Quilt and another mystery block of the month I have going! It's a little out of control.

Wip 1

1. Foxtails quilt. This is from one of the kits I bought on Craftsy in 2014. I finished piecing it over the weekend. I am hoping to finish it up in the next two weeks for our school's auction. It doesn't need much, just time to get it all done.

Wip 2

2. 8th grade auction quilt. My friend, Jill, and I taught a group of 8th graders sewing this fall. For the school auction, they pieced this quilt top. On Monday, we basted it as a group. I will quilt it and then hand it off to Jill for binding.

Wip 3

3. Virtual Quilting Bee. This just needs the binding sewn. It's pretty small, too, so it shouldn't take much time. (Quilted by Laura Capello at Thread Up Studio – she does great work!)

Wip 4

4. This was one of the quilts for my book that won't be. I don't have a name for it, but I need to come up with one because I plan on releasing the pattern for it. It just needs to be squared and bound. (This one was quilted by Natalia Bonner – she did an amazing job!)

Wip 5

5. Speaking of Natalia….This quilt was made in a class I took with her this past fall. I want to add some large white borders and then it will be ready for quilting. It's a really cool pattern from her book, Modern One Block Quilts. (affiliate link)

Wip 6

6. This is my version of John Adams' Pacific Crest from his book Beyond Neutral. (affiliate link) I made this last summer in a class that John taught. He even pressed my half square triangles for me – what a guy! I am on the fence as to whether I am going to add some more solid aqua to increase the size or leave it as is.

Wip 7

7. Liberty feathers. Still a little bit to go, but I am anxious to finish this up. Liberty. Feathers.

Wip 8

8. Boxcar. Another kit purchase, I just started piecing this earlier this week. It's a fun one and should be pretty fast to sew up. This will go to our church carnival for raffling this summer.

Wip 9

9. Mustang (left) – also a kit purchase. This is all cut, but not sewn. Also slated for charity.

1o. On the right, another book quilt. This one I love, love, love, but am having a hard time going back to it right now. Some day.

There are also a couple other quilts for the book that are in progress, but I am not sure if I will finish them or not. One is out being quilted. And, realistically, if I am going to get all of these done in the next year, I will be sending more out.

What about you? Do you have a big pile of unfinished projects? Or are you a finish one before you start another type of quilter? I'd love to hear.


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