I am in the midst of crazy, last-minute sewing to finish up our gifts for our six nephews.  They all have to be mailed and I really need to have it out the door tomorrow.  All was going well until I cut through a seam on one item last week.  Yikes.  I really don’t have time to re-do this item, so I have been scrambling brainstorming to think of something else I can complete in my limited time.  I also wanted to make the boys appliqued shirts and had a hard time coming up with fresh ideas.

Sunday morning, Kate was up earlier than Jane.  I asked her if she had any ideas for the boys.  With ten minutes, a stack of paper and a marker, she came up with more ideas than I did in days of thinking it over.


According to Kate, boys like things like spiders and ants.  Turtles and lions, too.  She gave me enough good ideas to jump start my brain.  Thanks for the inspiration, Kate.  You also reminded me to keep it simple.  I swear that sometimes I just forget.  Simple = fast and good.

I had four t-shirts finished in two hours and the other two got completed last night.  It felt good to check that item off the list.  I should be able to check the next one off later today.

It is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas.

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