I finished the edging on those 12 granny squares.  I need to make more.

Fatty and I built some raised garden beds last night.  I spent today tracking the sun to make sure we place them in the *perfect* spot.

I ran out of potting soil for the geraniums and impatiens.  I went and bought more and picked up a new hammer while I was at Home Depot

I went to the bank and the post office then stopped by the bookstore to see if they had the new issue of Stitch.  They did.  There are some projects I definitely want to try.  I was happy to see that one is by Melissa.

I took the girls for haircuts – a nice summer bob for Kate, a trim for Jane.

I cut out a skirt and am ready to start sewing .

And just when I thought I had that silly cat all figured out, she decided that peonies are not for her.

May 12 006_1_1

Thank goodness.

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