Too much yarn

I'm here. I've been to Milwaukee, with a quick pit stop in Chicago, and the girls are at Camp Grandma, but really, I'm here.  I'm trashing out my house and it is so cathartic. I dropped two big bags off at Goodwill this morning and I'm getting ready to go through all that yarn, plus some more in my studio and donate it to some charity knitters.  I spent over an hour folding fabric while listening to This American Life podcasts.  The studio is close to being really clean again – that feels good too. 

August 11

There's some top secret room painting happening for Kate (from green to pale blue per her request) and I did a quick run through of Jane's room with a trash bag.  I wish I were as brave as Blair, but I know that wouldn't go over well at all so Jane is going to have to go through the rest with me. 

Little tomato

We have lots of little tomatoes ripening in the garden and some big ones ripening on our kitchen windowsill.  I think we'll harvest the carrots and the potatoes this weekend.  And that will pretty much be the end of our summer.  School starts Wednesday and I think the girls are ready to go back.  They are both thrilled about their teachers and the uniforms and lunch boxes are ready to go.  I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with my sewing machine – it's been serviced and tuned and is now ready to sew.  I'll have some camera straps for the shop within the next few weeks and probably some scrap bags too.  Maybe even a few other things if the stars align.

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