…is for Irish.  With a name like mine, you’d never know I am Norwegian, too.

…is for indecisive.  I think this drives Fatty crazy.  Example:  I never can pick where we should go out to dinner.  I don’t like making those kind of decisions.  I will tell him where I don’t want to go, but beyond that he has to choose.  Yeah, the more I think about it, that has got to be annoying.

…is for inclement.   It was very rainy in New York yesterday.

…is for indulgence.  Rain means shopping.  Doesn’t that suck?  We made some purchases.  At Purl.  And Purl Patchwork.  I will go back before we go home.


…is for imbibe.  All that shopping made us thirsty.  You have got to love vacations.


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