I went to the doctor yesterday.  The mysterious comes again, goes again wrist pain finally made me do it.  I had really put off the visit – I was so so so afraid of what I would hear.  This is my right hand – the one I use to write, cook, knit, sew, and, yes, mouse click.  Just thinking of what could be causing all this pain when I don’t remember injuring my wrist has had me trembling in my boots.  There was one diagnosis I did not want to hear.  I think you know which one I mean.  I am not going to even type it.  That is how scared of it I am.

It turns out I have tendinitis.  Hopefully with some anti-inflammatories and physical therapy, I will be right as rain in a short time.  I am so thankful that this isn’t some big deal.  Really, truly thankful.  But, truthfully, I could kick myself for waiting so long to get there.  If I had gone two weeks ago, maybe my tangled yoke cardigan would be further along than it is.


Don’t let Scout fool you.  She may be looking out the window, but she is way more interested in that ball of yarn.  Typical cat.  Anyhow, if pain hadn’t forced me to put down the needles, I wouldn’t have made so much of this:


So I guess I still come out a winner.  7 down, 2 to go.  Directions on making an X coming soon.

Back to my blog break.


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