The rains came.  Crazy rains – 6 inches in one hour.  There is flooding in different neighborhoods of our city.  Lots of damage to homes and cars.  We had some leaking, but it was pretty minor.  I got it all cleaned up and then spent the rest of the day cleaning and puttering.  I worked on the quilt and on my hand sewing project too.  The girls organized the DVD cabinet and then watched a movie.  We cooked dinner and Fatty came home from an overnight trip.  I worked on some camera straps and stayed up too late watching bad reality TV.

Today I slept in.  And feel like having another quiet day at home.  The girls have other ideas in mind.  Roller skating or bowling, they say.  I'll probably give in.  They start school two weeks from today and I really want to savor what's left of their summer break.  There will be plenty of time for quiet days soon enough.

Happy Wednesday.

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